Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More Photos from South Dakota: Henley Ayres

Henley and Minerva Ayres left Raysville, Indiana in 1879 for Nebraska and then South Dakota.  Henley seems to have vanished from the scene and forgotten by his Indiana relatives.  The story is complicated because he gave up his first son for adoption after his first wife died.  William F. Ayres never lived with his father and he remained in Indiana.  William must have passed along a few photos to his daughter Anna Ayres (Gulde), but the the people in the photo were forgotten and no one in our day really knew if we were even connected to the people in these photos.  Then, thanks to the efforts by folks both here in Indiana and in South Dakota, we have been able to identify a few more photos of the South Dakota cousins.  To learn more about Henley Ayres click on the link below.  The historic images were digitally restored by Gayle Bowman.

Carolyn "Carrie" Ayres Williams and her children c. 1895 in Gettysburg, South Dakota--Carrie was a half-sister to William F. Ayres.  They both shared the same father--Henley Ayres.

A photo of Native Americans sent to the Ayres family in Indiana from their South Dakota cousins c. 1895

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