Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gulde Girls Enjoy Playing Outside--1926

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) and Anna Gulde (1900-1982) lived in four houses in Rushville, Indiana. In 1926, they dwelled at 312 East 8th Street with their three daughters Josephine, Barbara, and Marjory. Eventually, Joseph Gulde, Jr. would arrive on East 8th Street as well. Soon the house on East 8th Street grew too small for the growing family and they moved to East 7th Street before finally moving to 330 East 6th.

In these photos Josephine, Barbara, and Marjory enjoy spending time outside and posing for both winter and summer photographs. The houses featured in these photos sat and still sit at the intersection of North Willow and East 8th St. in Rushville as of 2012.