Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Henley Ayres Photo Found in Gulde-Ayres Collection

Henley Ayres with his wife Minerva and daughters Carrie and Anna in Gettysburg, South Dakota c.1895
We did not know it, but we already had the photo of Henley Ayres sent to us by the Dakota Museum in Gettysburg, South Dakota.  Restored by Gayle Bowman, the picture is virtually the same except there is an extra person in the picture! That extra person turned out to be his other daughter Carolyn "Carrie" Ayres Williams. She married Andrew Guppy Williams, the first mayor of Gettysburg, South Dakota.  Someone at one point has written in "Great Grandpa Ayres." Then they crossed it out and wrote in someone with the name of Henry.  The photo was clearly sent by Anna Ayres Williams as a Christmas note.  Other photos showing Native American scenes will be posted soon.  We never understood why we had these photos.  It is all coming together. To learn more about Henley Ayres click on his name below.

I would like to thank Peg Williams, my distant relative, for information regarding Henley Ayres and in South Dakota.

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