Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Eusebius and Catherine Gulde Home in North Madison, Indiana

Eusebius Gulde (1858-1954) and his wife Catherine Leineweber Gulde (1857-1943) lived in several homes throughout their married lives. The place where they stayed the longest was this home located at 1708 Marshall Street in North Madison, Indiana. (Today this house is considered to be in the city of Madison.) They had very little money and sometimes did not even eat the eggs from the chicken coup because they needed to sell them for some income. Eusebius, an immigrant from Germany, worked in a variety of jobs including as a sextant at the St. Michael's Cemetery. Catherine suffered from a variety of health problems during the last third of her life.

Grandchildren of the couple later recalled many things about the home including the cellar where the Guldes stored their potatoes over the winter. Mary Frances Risk Krutel, the daughter of Rosalie Gulde Risk, remembered when the home received electricity. She noted that a single light bulb hung down from the living room ceiling. Other memories of the place included an organ that sat in the parlor and the memories of Eusebius singing. He sang in the church choir all of his life.

The historic image was likely taken around 1930 and shows Catherine Leineweber and her daughter Rosalie Gulde Risk (1882-1960) standing on the front porch.

The second photo shows the home on September 15, 2001. It has been changed and improved over the years although much altered. This photo is courtesy of Carolyn Brady.

Eusebius and Catherine Gulde Family Portrait--1895

In this now faded photograph, Eusebius Gulde (1858-1954) and his wife Catherine Leineweber Gulde (1857-1943) pose with five of their seven children in 1895. The photo was likely taken in Madison, Indiana as the Guldes lived most of their lives in Jefferson County. Joseph and Carl Gulde do not appear in this appear in this photograph as they had not yet been born. Pictured are: (left to right standing)

Mary Gulde Newbold (1884-1969)--She would later marry William Newbold and live most of her life at 322 W. 10th Street in Rushville, Indiana.

Rosalie Gulde Risk (1882-1960) stands in between her parents. She would spend most of her life in Madison, Indiana. She married Joseph Risk.

Louis Gulde (1886-1977)--He moved to Webster, Indiana in Wayne County. He married Missouri Winscott. Both Louis and his brother George dropped the "e" sound from the Gulde name.

Anna T. Gulde (1890-1918)--She died in the Great Influenza Epidemic that swept the world in 1918. Little is known about her life. It is believed that she might have died in Henry County, Indiana. More research is needed on her.

George Gulde (1891-1950) --He moved to Liberty, Indiana and was married to a beautiful Belgian woman named Egle Gabriel.

This image is courtesy of Marie Phillips of Madison, Indiana.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Anna Ayres Goes to Town--1918

In this delightful photo, Anna Ayres (1901-1982) stops for a photograph in an unnamed town or city in 1918. It is possible that she is standing along a street in Knightstown, Indiana, but it might be a bigger place like New Castle. Perhaps someone will recognize some of the structures behind her and let me know.

Anna Ayres and Lola McNew--1918

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) and Lola McNew ham it up for a photo. I know little about this photograph and where it was taken, but the girls are clearly having fun.

Anna Ayres in 1918

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) stands next to a large house in an unnamed town. I do not believe it to be Raysville, but it might be in Knightstown, Indiana. She also had relatives in Ohio. Anyone recognize this house?

Anna Ayres and Friends in 1916

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) and her friends gather in a downtown (perhaps Knightstown, IN) for a special day out. You will note that the girls are quite dressed up. Thankfully, most of the girls are identified as is the date of 1916. The names of the girls are (from left to right): Edith Johnson, Anna Ayres, Mary Brow, Stella Riley, Clara Elliott, and Edith Elliot.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Anna Ayres and Joseph Gulde Courtship

Family lore reveals that Joseph Gulde met Anna Ayres while he was playing the piano for a band at a house party near Knightstown, Indiana. The beautiful young redhead apparently sat next to him on the piano bench while he performed for those gathered. He is alleged to have told a buddy later that day. I am going to marry that girl. Throughout their courtship, Joseph visited Anna at her childhood home in Raysville, Indiana. On one walk he asked her what she thought of his new hat and she jokingly told him that all it needed was some feathers in it. He threw the hat into a nearby stream. The couple would be married on May 30, 1921 and would remain together for over sixty years.

Best Friends--1921

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) and Hazel Bartle gathered in the side yard of the Ayres home in Raysville to pose for this photo in 1920 0r 1921. The church or school across the street from the home is no longer standing. If anyone has information on Hazel Bartle (or Bartell), please drop me a note.

Joseph Gulde Visiting Raysville

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983), in his fine suit, stopped by the Raysville, Indiana cottage of Anna Ayres (1901-1982) in 1920 0r 1921. Anna likely took the photo.

Joseph Gulde and Hazle Bartle--1921

While courting Anna Ayres (1901-1982) in 1920 or 1921, Joe Gulde (1896-1983) stopped to pose with Hazel Bartle in Raysville, Indiana. Hazel and Anna were good friends and it was likely that Anna took this photo. The old church or school seen across the street from the Ayres home is no longer standing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anna Ayres--Raysville School Photo c.1907

Anna Ayres attended Raysville Primary School in Raysville, Indiana. She would later go on to graduate from Knightstown High School. Here she is with her fellow students for an all school photo. She is located in the front row and someone has marked an "X" on her. Unfortunately, none of the other students or the teacher are identified. The photo was likely taken in 1907 or 1908. It appears that the picture was given to Anna some years later because on the back of this postcard "Daisy" writes:

Anna, I found this in Maggie's things. Thought you might like to have it. Daisy

Joseph Gulde c.1920

I know little about this photograph other than Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) has his post-WWI haircut. I see he is carrying a hat. He wore them all of his life. The photo was likely taken around 1920 and perhaps while he was courting Anna Ayres in Raysville, Indiana.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Joseph Gulde on a farm in Rush County--c.1916

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) had several occupations as a young man. For a brief stint he worked on a farm near Milroy, Indiana. His father, Eusebius Gulde, rented land from the Anderson family. The Guldes struggled to earn a living during this period of their lives. Joseph was also trying his luck as a budding musician. The life of a tenant farmer was not easy in the 1910s. In the end, Joseph turned away from farming and towards carpentry.

Anna Ayres in 1912

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) sent this postcard to her grandfather in Springfield, Ohio on August 9, 1912. In the photo she is wearing a beautiful dress and is seated next to her childhood home in Raysville, Indiana. The card was addressed to Moses Clevell, 30 South Race Street, Springfield, Ohio

She writes:

Knightstown, Ind.
Aug. 9, 1912

Hello Grandpa,
I thought I would send this card to let you know I have birthday the 12th. Hope you are well. Love, Anna

Anna Ayres and Friends c.1911

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) gathers with her friends in the yard of her childhood home in Raysville, Indiana. Unfortunately, the names of the other kids are lost to history. Anna is the second child from the left.

Joseph and Carl Gulde--c.1909

Brothers Joseph (1896-1982) and Carl (1898-1954) Gulde pose for a studio portrait around 1909. The photo was likely taken in Madison, Indiana, where the boys grew up. The brothers remained close their entire lives until Carl met his untimely death.

Anna Ayres--c. 1915--An Angel!

In this photo, Anna Ayres (1901-1982) poses next to her childhood house in Raysville, Indiana around 1915. She had beautiful long red hair and kept it that color until the day she died. I love what she wrote under the photo.

Anna Ayres--c.1916

Anna Ayres grew up in Raysville, Indiana, a small village next to Knightstown along the National Road. Her childhood home sat just across the street from the Friends Meeting House in Raysville. Her father's people were Quakers. In this photo the young teenager was already exhibiting her sense of fashion that she retained all of her life. In this image, likely taken around 1916, she poses next to her childhood home.

Joseph Gulde c.1917

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) was just beginning to make his way in life when he sat for this formal portrait. A budding musician, he was already playing the piano at various parties throughout eastern Indiana. He grew up in Madison, Indiana and eventually migrated north along with his siblings to towns like Cambridge City, Lewisville, and Rushville. Shortly after this photo was taken he enlisted with the US army and served overseas during World War One.

Joseph and Anna Gulde

Welcome to my new blog on the Gulde-Ayres family history. I dedicate this blog to Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) and Anna Ayres Gulde (1901-1982). I plan to post hundreds of photos that are in my possession. You are welcome to any of them. Check back frequently!

Joseph and Anna Gulde dwelled at 330 East 6th Street in Rushville, Indiana from 1937 until their deaths in the early 1980s. All three of these photos were taken in the mid-1950s in the backyard of their 6th Street home. You will note the evergreen tree. Joseph originally planted it next to the house along the front porch shortly after he bought the property, but he quickly realized that it was getting too big so he transplanted it in the backyard. It became one of the tallest evergreens in Rushville!

The grandchild who appeared in the lower left of the top photo was likely Cindy Gulde. Her father Joseph (Bud) Gulde purchased the house next to Grandma and Grandpa. In the bottom photo you can see that Bud is remodeling that house. You can also see a portion of Grandma's flower garden. She loved flowers particularly daisies.

Cousins, feel free to comment and add your memories!!