Sunday, July 10, 2011

Postcard sent from Joseph Gulde to Anna Ayres from Europe

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) served his country during and after World War One. This postcard confirms that he met his future wife, Anna Ayres (1901-1982), sometime before he left in 1918. Be sure to read his note as it is very funny.

Eusebius Gulde Poses with Daughter's Family

After the passing of his wife, Eusebius Gulde (1858-1954) lived for a brief time with his daughter Rosalia Gulde Risk (1882-1960) in Madison, Indiana near the Eggleston School. In this photo taken around 1944 he poses with daughter Rosalie, and her children and grandchildren, Joan Craver and Dorothy Lynn Craver. I am uncertain as to the name of the child in the photo.

Anna Gulde Poses with Egle Gulde-1917

Anna T. Gulde (1890-1918), the daughter of Eusebius (1858-1954) and Catherine Leineweber Gulde (1857-1943) poses with her sister-in-law Egle Gulde. Egle, a native of Belgium, was married to George Gulde (1891-1950). Anna and Egle seem to be having a fun time in these photos playing dress up. I do not know where these shots were taken. George and Egle eventually settled in Liberty, Indiana. Sadly, Anna died in the Great Influenza Epidemic of 1918 one year after these photos were taken. Few photos exist of her and unfortunately, one of these is damaged so you can not see her face.

Anna T. Gulde--1917

Anna T. Gulde (1890-1918) was the fourth child of Eusebius (1858-1954) and Catherine Leineweber Gulde (1857-1943). Little is known about her life. She was born in Jefferson County and may have died in Henry County. Family lore reveals that she died during the Great Flu Epidemic of 1918. 25 percent of all American households were struck by the Influenza and many with deadly outcomes. In this photo, likely taken a year before her death, Anna (left) poses with her friend Myrtle Trischman.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gulde Family Gathering in Madison, IN c.1935

Eusebius (1858-1954) and Catherine (seated) Leineweber Gulde (1858-1941) pose with two of their children at the North Madison home. Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) stands next to his sister Rosalie Gulde Risk (1882-1960). Rosalie and her family actually lived with the elder Guldes at 1708 Marshall Street in Madison. The photo was likely taken just a few years before Catherine's death. Unfortunately, the photo is damaged and it is not a good image of Rosalie.

Carl Gulde Poses with a Child c.1922

Carl Gulde (1898-1954) poses with perhaps a nephew around 1922. I do not know where the photo was taken.

Joe Gulde c. 1920

Joe Gulde (1896-1983) stands very formally next to this unidentified young lady. I do not know if he was courting her or if she was a family member. I also do not know where he might have been visiting.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lowell Ayres and Model Airplane

Lowell Ayres (formerly Lowell Leek) was the half-brother to Anna Ayres (1901-1982). At a young age he showed a propensity for engineering. Around 1917 he built this model airplane from scratch. I do not know if he got it aloft, but it looks great! On the back of this photo, someone has written home place across the road! The Ayres home stood at the southeast corner of Church and Meridian Streets in Raysville, Indiana. The house still stands in 2011 although it has been significantly altered.

Anna Ayres Had Many Friends

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) had many friends while living in the Raysville-Knightstown, Indiana area. In the top photo she poses with her best friend Hazel Bartle in Raysville, Indiana in 1918. In the bottom photo she stands next to an unidentified soldier. She playfully wrote on the back of this photo: Me, ha ha, and one of my soldiers. The photo was likely taken around 1919 or 1920.

Ayres Family in 1913

Members of the Ayres family gather for an impromptu photo in 1913. They are next to their Raysville, Indiana home. The two children in the front are Marjory (1908-2001) and Anna (1901-1982). Standing behind them from left to right are: Lowell Ayres, Nellie Brown ( a friend to the family), William Franklin Ayres (1853-1934) and Grace Clavell Ayres (1875-1941).

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anna Ayres High School Graduation Portraits--1919

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) graduated from Knightstown, Indiana High School in 1920. She sat for these formal portrait shots in 1919. The photographer is listed as Stone and Dorsey based in Indianapolis.

Anna Ayres--Knightstown High School Photos

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) graduated from Knightstown, Indiana High School in 1920. These three photos were taken of her class during their sophomore, junior, and senior years. Notice the desks, the chalkboards, the clothing, and the teachers. There are so many interesting details in these three photos.

In the top photo, Anna is pictured during her sophomore year. She is standing left of the window marked "1917." In the middle photo taken during her junior year, she is seated in the second row and is the second student from the left. She is looking directly at the camera. In the bottom photo taken during Anna's senior year, she is seated in the fourth row, and is the second student from the left. The photos were taken in 1917, 1918, and 1919. I do not have the names of the other students or the teachers. In the final photo, a World War One veteran stands next to the chalkboard.

Ayres Family poses with Grandfather Moses Clavell--1909

Moses Clavell (sometimes spelled Clevell, Clavelle, Clevelle) poses with his daughter, Grace Clavell Ayres (1875-1941) and his four grandchildren: Lowell Ayres (formerly Lowell Leek), Anna (1901-1982), Norman (1903-1909), and Marjory, (1908-2001). Tragically, young Norman would die shortly after this photo was taken. It is unclear whether the family sat for the photo in Knightstown, Indiana or in Springfield, Ohio. The photographer is listed as "The Bankers."

Moses was a stonecutter for much of his life and lived in the Xenia, Ohio area. For a brief point, he and his wife Harriet Anna Dixon Clavell lived in Knoxville, Tennessee. She likely died there around 1902. He spent his last years in San Diego, California with one of his sons. He died in California.

It is possible that Moses Clavell is not biologically related to Anna Ayres. He married Harriett Dixon six years after the birth of Grace. In one census record, she is known as Gracie Dixon. There is still much to sort out with the Clavells and Dixons.

William Franklin Ayres c.1895

William Franklin Ayres (1853-1934) was the son of Henley and Anna Swain Ayres. He never knew his mother because she died when he was a little over one years old. His father was a Quaker minister, who also happened to be violent. When William was nine years old, he fled his house and ran to a beloved aunt and uncle's home. The Whitworth's allowed him to stay and he finished his childhood in their home. At age 21, he married Marria Barnaby. They had two children together, but only Lucy lived to adulthood. (see Lucy Heathco) Marria died in 1895. More research is needed on her. "Will" married Grace Clavell (1875-1941) in 1900. She had previously fled from a disastrous and violent marriage. She had a son named Lowell Leek, whom William adopted. Will and Grace had three children of their own: Anna (1901-1982), Norman F. (1903-1909), and Marjory (1908-2001).

As a young man he had many jobs in places like a slaughterhouse, in a carnival, and for an undertaker, but his main occupation was as a carpenter and painter in the Raysville and Knightstown, Indiana area. He also served as a road commissioner for Wayne Township in Henry County, Indiana. His granddaughter, Barbara Gulde Schmall described him as tall with sandy reddish hair. He was twenty-two years older than his second wife and he lived to the age of 81.

Anna Ayres in 1918

In this fun photo, Anna Ayres poses behind some greenery. I do not know who took the photo or where she might have been.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Eusebius and Catherine Gulde--c1938

Eusebius (1958-1954) and Catherine Gulde (1857-1943) pose for a photo just a few years before her death. Catherine struggled to walk towards the end of her life and her grandchildren remembered her as a serious person with little patience for them. She was likely in much pain and because they were poor she just had to endure it. Eusebius is remembered as a happy person who loved to smoke his pipe. The photo was likely taken in their North Madison, Indiana home.

Anna Ayres and Hazel Bartle--1918

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) takes time to pose with her childhood friend Hazel Bartle somewhere near Dunrieth, Indiana. The photo was likely taken around 1918.

Two images of Anna Ayres

In the top image Anna Ayres (1901-1982) has her photo taken while visiting friends or family in New Castle, Indiana. The photo was likely taken around 1917. In the second image, she poses for a close up in 1918 or 1919. Years later, she humorously wrote on the back of the photo:

Poor Simp--isn't it awful to look at my two chins?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lucy Heathco at her Knightstown Home--1920

Lucy Ayres Heathco (1878-1962), was the much older half-sister to Anna Ayres. They shared the same father, William Franklin Ayres (1853-1934). Lucy's mother, Marria Barnaby Ayres, died in 1895. William would eventually marry Grace Clavell (1875-1941), the mother to Anna in 1900. Lucy and her husband Roy Heathco (1870-1951) lived at 226 South Washington Street in Knightstown, Indiana. He was a foreman at a local mill. To complicate matters further, both of them had been in previous marriages and had children by other spouses. Lucy had been married to a Mr. Cameron and had a son named Donald Cameron (1900-1989) Anna Ayres and Donald grew up together and remained close their entire lives.

In this photo Lucy Heathco stands next to her Knightstown home. Unfortunately, the home was torn down sometime after her son's death in 1989. Donald Cameron lived as a bachelor in the house until his death. The homes across the street at 211 and 217 South Washington Street are still standing in 2011.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Anna Ayres--1920

This wonderful photo was taken of Anna Ayres (1901-1982) just before her trip to California to visit and stay with her uncles on her maternal side of the family. (The Clavells) She looks quite stylish in this photo. I have no idea where she is or who took this photo.

Anna and Lowell Ayres-siblings

Anna and Lowell Ayres are having fun in this shot likely taken in Raysville, Indiana in 1916. Lowell was Anna's half-brother. They shared the same mother, Grace Clavell Ayres (1875-1941). Grace had to flee a violent marriage and she escaped with her son Lowell to Raysville. William F. Ayres (1853-1934), a widower, and Grace'e new husband adopted the young boy. The young boy changed his name from Lowell Leek to Lowell Ayres. He later married and moved to Plymouth, Indiana.

Joseph Gulde--WW I

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) served his country during World War One. He was stationed on the Western Front in France and guarded prisoners. I have in my possession his journal of his time in the war. He played the bugle and woke the soldiers each morning. Photos that he took while he was stationed there and in Germany after the war, reveal that he was fascinated by the beautiful architecture especially of the churches and cathedrals. Much more of his service during World War One will be posted on this blog. This photo was likely taken in 1919. In this shot, Joseph poses with a friend. He wrote the following on the back of the postcard:

To Aunt from Joe-

That "A" on my arm is the insignia of the army of occupation.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Anna Ayres riding a horse in 1915

Ogden, Indiana is located on the National Road just east of Raysville. Anna Ayres is seen in this photo riding a horse near that small Henry County village in 1915.

Anna Ayres--1919

After graduating from high school, Anna Ayres (1901-1982) worked briefly with a Knightstown dentist. According to her children, she made a decent income, but she stopped working upon her marriage to Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) in 1921. I do not know much about this photograph, but there are some clues. Note the tiled entryway floor. It is possible that this photo was taken in Knightstown, Indiana around 1919.

Joseph Gulde and Lucy Heathco--1920

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) and Lucy Heathco (1878-1962) have fun in this photograph. Joseph clearly towers above her. Lucy was the half-sister of Anna Ayres and lived at 226 South Washington Street in Knightstown, Indiana. Lucy and Anna shared the same father, William Franklin Ayres. Her mother Marria Barnaby Ayres died when she was quite young leaving "Will" a widower. This photo was taken in Knightstown, Indiana in 1920. The home across the street at 223 South Washington Street still stands in 2011.

Anna Ayres in 1914-- Raysville, IN

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) poses for a photograph at her Raysville, Indiana home. It appears that the shot may have been done in honor of her first day back at school. She has a book and what looks like her lunch. The picture was likely taken around 1914.

Joseph Gulde--Faded Photograph

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) and unknown woman pose for this photo around 1920.

Joseph and Carl Gulde

The two youngest children of Eusebius (1858-1954) and Catherine Leineweber Gulde (1857-1943) pose for a photograph. Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) and Carl Gulde (1898-1954) grew up together. They spent most of their childhood in the Madison, Indiana area. They both fought in World War One and both remained close after the war. Carl would live much of his adult life in Indianapolis and Lafayette, Indiana. He suffered many health problems after he came back from his service in Siberia. This photo was likely taken shortly after they returned from Europe in the early 1920s.

Anna Ayres in front of candy shop--1918

Anna Ayres (1901-1982) poses next to a favorite shop in Knightstown. The was photo was taken in 1918.

Joseph Gulde on a bridge overlooking Raysville, IN

This photo of Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) was likely taken by Anna Ayres (1901-1982) during their courtship of 1920 and 1921. He appears to be standing on one of Raysville's bridges. The road in the background is likely the National Road. Later state officials would route the old highway north of Raysville and then into Knightstown, Indiana. This photo is in need of restoration.

Anna Ayres Grade 8 Graduation Photo--1915

In this beautiful photo, Anna Ayres (1901-1982) poses with her classmates on the lawn of the school most likely in Raysville, Indiana. Off to the far left, you can see the teacher. I do not know her name or any of the other students at the moment. Anna is located in the first row, second from the right. Notice the beautiful dresses. The girl at the far right appears to be holding some kind of scroll. Anna's dress looks very stylish. Perhaps my friends who are experts on historic clothing could tell me more. A.M. Woods, the photographer, has also placed his mark on the picture.

Anna Ayres and Friends in 1917

Anna Ayres and her friends dressed up and had their photo taken in 1917. While the picture is in desperate need of restoration, we do know the names of most of the girls in the photo. They are (from left to right) Mary Brow, Stella Riley, Anna Ayres, Clara Elliott, ?, and Edith Johnson.

Ayres sisters and their friends pose for a photograph with a cat

Mary Brown, Anna Ayres (1901-1982), Elsie Spellman, and Marjory Ayres pose for a photo on a hill leading into the west side of Raysville, Indiana. The photo was likely taken around 1915.

Gulde Christmas Card--1920

Joseph Gulde (1896-1983), Charlie Winscott, and Carl Gulde (1898-1954) pose for a photo somewhere out in the Indiana countryside. Charlie was likely the brother to Missouri Winscott, who was married to Joseph and Carl's older brother Louis.

Joseph Gulde Drives to Raysville--c1920

A stylish and dapper, Joseph Gulde (1896-1983) poses in front of the car he drove to the Ayres cottage seen in the background. Lucy Heathco (1878-1962), the half-sister of Anna Ayres, stands to side and is smiling at him. Joseph was courting Anna Ayres (1901-1982) at the time so she likely took the photo. The Ayres home was located in Raysville, Indiana and in 2011 has the address of 6493 Church Street, Knightstown.

Anna Ayres School Photo--c1911

In this now faded photo, Anna Ayres poses with other children in a school photo likely taken around 1911. Anna is located in the middle row and is the second child from the left. Unfortunately, none of the other children are named.