Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rare Photo of Catherine Leineweber Gulde

Catherine Leineweber Gulde (1857-1943), the wife of Eusebius Gulde, (1858-1954) poses with two grandchildren perhaps in the 1920s. So few images of her exist. She grew up in China, Indiana (Jefferson County) among the German speaking Leinewebers. Her family attended the Catholic Church in China and for a while the young newlyweds even lived there. In the second half of her life she was beset by health problems and she became a somber person. Her grandchildren noted that she stood in stark contrast to the vibrant and sunny Eusebius. He was devoted to her, however, and when she called his name for help, he would be there at her side. More research is needed on the Leinewebers. Thankfully, we have a few pictures of Catherine including this ghostly image.

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